Baz Sellers
My name is Barry and I am an illustrator. My friends call me Baz. I don’t have any enemies, so I don’t know what they’d call me... they’d probably call me The Mysterious Hernandez or something...
I’ve drawn nonsense as long as I remember; from wibbly splodge monsters on the kitchen wall to superhero tortoises in school. Wherever there was a pencil you’d find me creating some unspeakable nonsense, usually involving goldfish, explosions, llamas, and the occasional pineapple. I turned my hand to street art for a bit, making stickers and stencils and as far as I know I’m not Banksy... or am I...
After several years of making no money out it as an amateur I decided to try my hand at making no money out of it as professional.
Since turning ‘pro’ I’ve illustrated two children’s picture books with the legendary Nick Jackson from Powerpack; The Right Man and Personal Best which you can buy here and have a sneak at here.
I designed the characters for the Bootle Children’s Literature Festival and the Kingsley & Co. bookshop. You can see more of that here.
I won an Adobe Make It On Mobile contest for my Octodad design, which was sketched out on my iPhone at 3am following a whingy wake up call.
I’ve illustrated and accidentally starred in two kids TV shows for Allstars Kids Club for their new GO! app which comes out some. More information and pics here.