This is my entry for the Adobe #ChallengeYourPerspective Contest. The theme is "Freedom". For that I added an stranded octopus being rescued by a rope climbing squirrel to the stock image. Ill explain why. 

I thought you could interpret "freedom" a few ways.

The first is obvious; the squirrel is giving the octopus his freedom through rescue. 
The second less so; I don't know this for sure but squirrels and octopus probably don't get on, I mean I've never seen them together at least. So freedom from discrimination or judgement, the squirrel is rescuing the octopus and didn't stop just because it wasn't another squirrel. 
The third is my favourite; freedom to create and freedom from reality. Due to these I can make a random squirrel rescue picture featuring an octopus. 

I used the stock image contributed by Rich McCor and the colour theme shown below...
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