Coronavirus lockdown art. All from the Collaborate Agency #loodle challenge. 

The year is 981AD. The time is irrelevant. It’s a Tuesday. Over the sounds of daytime wall-watching (this is pre-TV kids) comes the blood-confusing yelp of Erik The Dual-Ply, invader, conqueror, and super-absorber of spills. Within one advert break the Loorolliors had taken over most of Sainsbury’s car park and a half a dozen trolleys. And so it began... 
Loorollior Geoff the Confusable defeats the great Ghat-O leader, Cayque. Taken from the animated version of the Baked-u Tapestry. 
I think my brain might be broken...
And so it bog-ins... The Loorolliors of the Order of An’d-Rex have begun their invasion. They have demands. Very few of them make any sense, and most of them involve pineapples. 
It’s a little known fact that King Harold was actually defeated by Loorolliors of the Order of An’d-Rex. These valiant and fearsome warriors would roll down hills yelling nonsense and generally confusing everyone. They were pretty rubbish in the rain though.
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