This is a project for New Wine England's upcoming "United Breaks Out" live event. It was commissioned for New Wine Kids for their theme of space exploration. I created a crew, a space ship, and a number of 'sets' for the live action presentations that will be broadcast out in July/August 2020. 
Theres Chet, the former party astornaut. He's the commander, but has never been to space. 
Rita is 2nd officer and a social media addict. She's completed Instagram. 
Clara is a teenage girl. She can only see things that appear on TikTok.
Billy is the youngest kid. He has an attention span of... ooh look tin foil... 
F1-5H is a goldfish powered super-advanced droid. Chet has put him in charge of the toothbrushes. 
We do not talk about the Goat. The Government made that quite clear...

Thanks for checking out my project! You can find out more at
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