Personal Best is my second illustration project working with kids author Nick Jackson. This one tells the story of Asha. Asha is an athlete. She’s hard-wired for action, but held back by heavy, burdensome bags.  Her lazy, somewhat selfish and proud ways need to change for her to achieve her PB, her Personal Best. With Coach by her side, everything is possible.

This quirky sports story has glimpses of Hebrews 11 and 12, because God wants everyone to be the best they can be.
I tried to make the cover look like a sports report, PPM Sport being "PowerPack Ministries"
This is one of my favourite pages, where we first see Asha's baggage, because I could go absolutely mad with it. My daughter helped design the slightly kawaii pet store in the background too. And Lliam Gallagllama makes an appearance as a fly poster too.. 
This page has my prediction for the PS5 on it too, with a lovely 3D projector. Plus pizza. Everyone loves pizza.
This map features all the ways Asha cheats to try and win. Coach teaches her that winning at the cost of friends isn't really winning. Its also got a shedload of pineapples on it. 
Another fun page, lots of details trying to go for a post game analysis type vibe. This is where the meanings of the story are linked back into the Biblical roots. 
You can order the book from Powerpack or Waterstones now.
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