Pricing and other awkward conversations
The most awkward part of this illustrious job is pricing. I’ve tried to simplify my processes and pricing here. 

Normal Stuff.
My prices are pretty low. I like to make stuff and I like people to enjoy it. As a rough guide I charge around £10-£15 an hour. I can negotiate, and if you’re happy to pay me more I’m cool with that. 

Helping the helpers. 
I try to be fair with my pricing, especially for charities or groups doing something amazing to make the world a better place. If you fall into one of those categories drop me a line and we can have a chat, see if can help you help others. I want the world to be a brighter, light-filled place. If that means working for less then I’m good with that. 

Exposure/social sharing.
You don’t work for free. Your doctor doesn’t. Your airline pilot doesn’t. I don’t. ‘Exposure’ kills people on Mt. Everest all the time. It kills illustrators too; if we work for free we can’t afford to put the heating on. That’s me in the picture, can’t even afford a brew. Is that what you want? Me all cold because you want a freebie? Please don’t ask if I can work for exposure. I’ll refuse and I’ll sign you up to a newsletter about goats. 
Thank you!